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At the bottom of this article is a video that walks you through manual activation.

Looking to avoid this process altogether? See Can I Avoid Manual Activation?

See PlanSwift Sunsetting Policy (Product End of Life) for more information.

Registering Your Email (if you haven’t already)

Before you can perform the manual activation steps below, you must register your email address with PlanSwift and create a password.


See Registering for a MyAccount Profile for detailed instructions on registering your email.

Manual Activation Steps

Step 1 - Open Manual Activation window

Click on Manual Activation inside the Activate Product window.


Step 2 - Copy the computer ID

In the Manual Activation window, copy your “Computer ID”,

then click on the URL


Step 3 - Fill out the Manual Software Activation form

In the Step 1 of 2 Screen, paste in (or type) your Computer ID , your registered email address, and password. (If you have not registered your email address you will need to do that before you can continue, see the link above.)


Step 4 - Select License & Version

In the Step 2 of 2 screen,


Click “Get Activation Code”.


Step 5 - Retrieve Activation Code

Your Activation Code is displayed in the text box, select it and press <Ctrl> + <C> on your keyboard to copy it.


Step 6 - Activate your Activation Code

In the Manual Activation window (where your Computer ID is shown), click in the Activation Code box and press <CTRL> + V to paste in your Activation Code.



Note For all versions 10.1 and older, you will receive a message that the program is not connecting to the internet, this is caused by updated security protocols. PlanSwift will still function but will not connect to the internet. You will not be able to email plans from PlanSwift, although you can create a zip file, save it to your computer, and then email that zip file to another user.

Tutorial Video