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Now, you are probably going to ask, "Will my software simply 'stop' working on the date Microsoft ends Mainstream Support or Extended Support?" No, of course, not. In fact, it is likely that nothing is going to change except that PlanSwift will no longer test new releases against that operating system, nor will we register new ‘bugs’ that can only be reproduced on that operating system or that are only reproducible on versions of PlanSwift limited to that operating system, nor will we provide installation support or advanced technical support for products on operating systems not under “Mainstream” support with Microsoft.

PlanSwift also may change the way older software is licensed or may require you upgrade to a more current version of the software.

However, when Microsoft ends "Extended Support" for an operating system, they stop publishing security and OS updates. That puts anyone remaining on that OS at risk and you need to migrate/upgrade to a supported Operating System. This means you will likely have to install upgrades to your version of PlanSwift. If you are off-maintenance, or have been, you may be required to renew your maintenance subscription or even purchase new licenses - Contact Us to discuss your options.