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Wage Type

The overarching category of wages used in a bid (examples: Union, Open, and Sub). Different wage types allow the estimator to apply different burdens depending on who is performing the labor on a project.


The successful performance of the entire scope of the project being performed for a specific construction project including labor, materials, equipment, and other associated items necessary to fulfill all obligations under the contract.

Work Breakdown Structure

(aka WBS)

The method applied for grouping like job costs, for example, CSI Master Format or Uniformat.

Working Drawings

 A scale drawing that serves as a guide for the construction of something such as a building or machine. 

Work Letter

A written statement (often called Exhibit B to a lease or rental agreement) of the specific materials and quantities the owner will provide at his own expense. The work letter defines the building standards, including the type of ceiling , the type and number of light fixtures, the size and construction of the suite-entry and interior doors. Building standards define the quality of tenant spaces. Generally, a Work Letter is associated with the leasing or renting of office space by a tenant within a Building Envelope. (see Tenant Improvements and Building Envelope)

Work Order

A written order, signed by the owner or his representative, of a contractual status requiring performance by the contractor without negotiation of any sort.