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Here you will find Below are the minimum requirements to run PlanSwift as well as hardware recommendations for improved performance.


PlanSwift is designed for and tested on US-English versions of Windows®. There may be minor display issues when installed on other regional versions of Windows.

PlanSwift is designed for and tested on Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows®. We do not test on “Home” editions or other non-business-level editions of Windows and cannot guarantee that your will be able to install or run PlanSwift on any editions other than Professional and Enterprise.

Minimum Requirements to Run PlanSwift 10



The Minimum requirements support basic program functionality, however there may be insufficient resources to use all available features and may cause unacceptable performance. To get the best performance, we suggest your hardware meet or exceed "Recommended". 

The Current version of PlanSwift is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit Windows® Operating Systems however 32-bit operating system are limited to the amount of RAM they can address.

PlanSwift has known issues with being installed to a Server or RD and may not be supported for issues related to installation in these environments. 

PlanSwift cannot be installed directly on a MAC, you must use Bootcamp (dual-boot) or install PlanSwift in a virtual machine such as Parallels running a supported version of Windows. See Can I Install PlanSwift on a Mac?


Over the years, both PlanSwift and Microsoft have developed and released new versions of their software. For our policy on which versions of PlanSwift are supported and for how long, see PlanSwift Sunsetting Policy (Product End of Life) .

PlanSwift supports our software installed and operated only on versions of Windows currently under "Mainstream Support" with Microsoft. When a version of Windows is 'retired' by Microsoft, products that were limited to installation on that operating system (or earlier ones) only are no longer supported by PlanSwift. Products limited to Windows versions that fall of "Extended Support" with Microsoft will no longer be distributed. If your version is no longer supported or is limited to a Windows operating system version that is no longer supported by Microsoft, please contact Customer Success at 866-627-6246 to discuss your options.

PlanSwift Sunsetting Policy (Product End of Life)