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To move PlanSwift data files to a different computer, there's a few step, nothing too scary. We'll cover each step in detail after we explain the process.


See this article for instructions on uninstalling PlanSwift. Uninstalling PlanSwift does not remove the PlanSwift directory, and it also does not delete your data, templates, and other files. An example of the files and directories remaining in the PlanSwift directory after an uninstall is shown in the figure below. 

Step 2 - Copy Data Files -


pt 1

Open Windows File Explorer,

Navigate to the folder where your data files were stored (typically, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\PlanSwift10, but if you've set up different data stores on your local machine, be sure you grab those, too).

Right-click on the PlanSwift10 folder, copy it, and then paste it to your thumb drive or a network drive that you can retrieve it from.

REPEAT for any other data stores you've set up on your local machine - this is vital if you want to copy over all your projects. If your data stores are on a network drive, you'll simply re-configure them on your new computer, you don't have to copy/paste them.

Step 3 - Install PlanSwift

On your new computer, download and install PlanSwift, see Downloading and Installing PlanSwift for instructions.

Do not open PlanSwift yet!

Step 4 - Copy Data Files -


pt 2

On your new computer, navigate to where you placed the copy of your PlanSwift10 folder, and any other data stores.

Copy that folder, and paste it into the Program Files (x86) directory on your new computer. (You should get a warning about existing folder or admin privileges, whatever you need to do, get that folder copied into the Program Files (x86)\ folder.)

Step 5 - Open and License PlanSwift

Once your files are copied over, it's time to launch PlanSwift and let it recognize your existing project files.

Launch and License PlanSwift, see Licensing PlanSwift (Activation) for details.

If you use network drives for your data stores, open them once PlanSwift is open, see: Storing Your Jobs on a Network Drive (Setting up a Network Data Storage Location)


Below is a general description of the directory structure of PlanSwift after an uninstall.

Inside the Data directory are the Plugins, Settings, and Storages folders.  If you want to backup just your PlanSwift data, you would right-click on the data folder, and then paste it to the location where you want to store the backup file.