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The first step to importing a file from EastCoast CAD is to scan the file, to check whether there are items in your EastCoast CAD file that don’t correspond to the standard rectangular, round, and oval items. To do this, click on BIM on the menu bar of QuoteSoft Duct and select the option for EastCoast CAD. You will be presented with this pop-up window.


Unlike some of the other types of BIM files that can be imported, the QXP BIM EastCoast CAD import process allows you to choose which items you would like to import before you begin the process. Simply select which types of items you would like to import by clicking on them so they have an “X” in the box next to them. You can also use the buttons on the right to check or uncheck all of the items.


If you would like to view whether there were any items that were not able to be imported and what those items are, click “Yes”. Otherwise, you can click “No” and return to Takeoff.

If you click “Yes”, QuoteSoft Duct will open a window in Notepad that features a list of all of the items and what they were assigned to, if anything. If items were skipped, this means you did not successfully complete the scan process before importing and you may need to try again. If you continue to have issues, you can contact QuoteSoft Technical Support at 800-813-7020.