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Release Notes 10.2.4

PlanSwift Release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Professional 10.2.4

PlanSwift 10.2.4 release includes a number of fixes listed below.

Previous Releases



  • BF - Bug Fixes 
  • PI - Performance Improvements
  • FR - Feature
  • UI - User Interface




Action Taken


1BFFix for Excel IntegrationFixed copy and paste issue with PlanSwift Excel Integration add-in for Microsoft Excel.FixedResolved (verified by QA)
2BFFix for Excel IntegrationFixed Count Item icons in Select Existing Item window inside PlanSwift Excel Integration add-in for Microsoft Excel.FixedResolved (verified by QA)
3BFFix for Target Customer DataFixed an issue with Target Customer Data in settings of Reports Tab by implementing a better Address Book interface.FixedResolved (verified by QA)
4UIAddress BookImplemented a better and easier to find UI/UX for saving Customer and Company contact types in the settings of Reports Tab by adding an Address Book button to the Reports Tab ribbon-bar.NewResolved (verified by QA)
5UIActivation ScreensMinor text changes to Activation Screens prompting users to activate using Email or Customer # with a Password or PIN #.NewResolved (verified by QA)
6PICode OptimizationCore code improvements.NewResolved (verified by QA)
7FRSecurity FeaturesUpdated Security features for user account information.NewResolved (verified by QA)
8PI/UIMiscellaneous UpdatesMinor changes to address and remove old code that is no longer used in the application.Updated

Resolved (verified by QA)

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