Users - Removing Users

From the Users screen, you manage existing users, the licenses they are assigned, and even remove them from your Organization altogether. We cover Removing Users below and Managing Licensing in: 

First, log into the User Management portal, see: Accessing and Logging into the User Management Portal for more information. 

Click on the Users icon  in the sidebar and select "Users" to manage and delete users and their licenses and to send invitations to other platform users to join your organization.

Notice the two buttons on the right side of each user's row? They allow you to delete a user and view/manage the licenses assigned to that user.

Deleting a User

You can delete a user from your Organization.

Click the Delete buttonon the row for the user you wish to delete. 

You are prompted to confirm this action. 

In the confirmation prompt, click the box that reads "Also remove their ConstructConnect Takeoff project access" if you want to remove their access to any and all projects, in your Organziation, to which they had access. They will still have access to projects to which they were invited to collaborate by other Organizations, but they will likely not have a license and be in "read only" mode. 

Click "Yes, Remove User" and this user is removed from your Organization. If you want to add them back, just invite them to join your Organization again, see Users - Inviting a New User .


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