Understanding the Company Details Page

The company details page contains all of the available information for a company listing.

This section contains the following topics:  


Using top level menu options:  Watch, Share, Download, and Hide  

The options at the top of the page let you perform a variety of tasks with the project listing. Note that you must click the three dots to access the copy, download and hide options: 

The following table describes the options at the top of the listing.   


Use to share the listing with others in your company.

Download as CSV

Use to download the listing as a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet.


Use to hide the company. The listing appears grayed out in future search results. Reverse the procedure to show the company again.

Project Portfolio  

The Project Portfolio section displays the project participant information for the company by year. To see the totals for other years, use the arrows and date at the top of the section.


The Notes section let you view and add notes to the company listing for other members of your company. Notes are not visible to the public

To add a note, 

  • enter the note text in the box.
  • Use the calendar to set a due date if required. 
  • Select Send Reminder if you want a reminder of the note due date sent to your email address. 
  • When you are ready, click Add Note

Result: The note is added and appears at the bottom of the Notes section. You can use the options on your notes to edit or delete the note. 


The basic information for the company, including the phone and fax numbers, the company website address and the ConstructConnect ID for the company. Also included is a read-only count of the projects the company is currently associated with grouped by planning, bidding and post-bid.


The street address of the company including a map using Google Mapping Service. 


A list of contacts for the company, including phone numbers and email address.  


A company listing can contain a list of the projects on which the company is currently playing a role in planning, bidding and post-bid stages. The following table describes the options you have for working with the projects listed on the company details page.

Preview the listing

To preview a listing, hover over the listing title area and click the two-toned box. The listing preview appears on the right side of the window. Included is relevant information including contact information, location, project access for companies and and options to share, watch and hide the listing.

Options to share, watch, download and hide listings.

The More Options menu lets you share, watch and hide any of the listings. To access the More Options menu,

  • click the More Options button on the list for the project title.

The following table describes the features in the More Options menu.

WatchClick to add or remove the project from your Watch List.
Download as CSVClick to download the listing as a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet,
HideClick to hide the project. The listing appears grayed out in future search results.
ShareClick to share the project with others in your company.

Understanding the project list  

The following table describes the fields in the project list.  

RoleThe role that the company is playing on the project, such as Architect.
Match ScoreWhen a value is present, indicates the percentage that the project is a match to your Predict Preferences settings.
LocationThe city and state of the project.
StatusThe current status of the project, such as Post-Bid.
Bid DateThe date that the project goes to bid.
ValueThe estimated total value of the project.
Last UpdatedThe date of the most recent significant update to the project listing.

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