Managing product settings

The Settings menu lets you select Insight default products and settings, including the default tiles to display in Analyze 

Note: Not all options described in this section may be available in your Insight account. Contact your system administrator for more information.

This section contains the following topics: 

Accessing the Settings menu

To access the Settings menu,

  • from the upper right corner of the window, click your name and then click Settings:

Managing Insight settings

The Insight settings let you select your default product, filter miscellaneous stage projects and select communication options.  

Selecting the default product

You can set which project is displayed by default  each time you log in. Note that this feature is dependent on your subscription and not all products may be available:

    • Snapshot
    • Forecast
    • Analyze
    • Leads
    • Pulse

Note: Contact your sales representative or Customer Service for more information about adding products to your subscription.

Filtering miscellaneous stage projects

You filter out miscellaneous stage projects in your search results. These are projects listed as Cancelled, Disqualified Lead or Duplicate Project. When excluded, only Planning, Bidding and Post-Bid stage projects are returned in your results. You can always modify this setting in your project results by using the Stage filter in the Filters menu.

To filter miscellaneous stage projects,

    • select Include Miscellaneous Stage Projects to include or exclude miscellaneous projects from your search results or
    • select to include or exclude individually CancelledDisqualified Lead, or Duplicate Project.
    • Click Save when you are done.  

Setting the Communication Description

Select this option  to see companies that are

Note: This option is not available to all users. Contact you sales representative or Customer Service for more information. 

Setting the Update Filter

When set, the Update Filter returns only those projects with updates within the past 12 months that match your search criteria. Typically this means that fewer total projects overall are shown in the Leads window, but the projects that are available generally have a higher relevance to your business needs.

Selecting the default Analyze tiles

You can select which Analyze tiles are displayed in the window. Note that all tiles are displayed by default. 

To select the tiles to be displayed,

  • select only those tiles that you want displayed and then click Save Changes. Your changes are saved each time you log in to Analyze.

Selecting the Analyze default project location

To select the preferred country where your Analyze projects are located, 

  • Select either United States or Canada, or both.
  • Click Save Changes.