Managing your profile information

The Manage Profile menu are the options for managing your login, personal and subscription information. You can also see your current access entitlements and selected trades and business types.

This section contains the following topics:  

Accessing the Manage Profile window

To access the Manage Profile window,

  • from the Welcome menu at the top right of any page, click your name and then click My Profile. The Manage Profile window is displayed.

Managing your personal information

At the top of the menu you can change your account name and email address, security question and password, and personal information including selected favorite trades and business types.

Note: You cannot change the Company Name value for your account.

Changing your user name / email address

Your user name is your email address and is how you access your account and receive email alerts. Make sure you are using a valid email address when making changes to this setting.

To change your user name / email address,
  • Click in the User Name/Email Address box and type the new email address.
  • Click Save Changes.

Result: The email address for your account is changed and the new address is displayed in the box. 

Changing your security question

You should change your security question on a regular basis to ensure that your account is secure. 

To change your security question, 

    • Click Change Security Question.

      Result: The current security question and answer is displayed. If you want to keep these, click Cancel.

    • Click in the Security Question box and type the new security question. 

    • Click in the Security Answer and type the answer to the security question. 

    • Click Save & Continue

Result: You changes are saved. 

Changing your password

Note: Passwords must be 7 to 20 characters long, have at least one uppercase letter and at least one number. 

To change your password, 

    • Click Change Password.

Result: The Change Password menu is displayed.

    • Enter your new password in both boxes.
    • Click Save & Continue.

Result: Your password is changed. Make sure to store your new password in a secure location.

Changing your personal information
To change your personal information, 
    • Make any changes in the Personal Information menu. 
Note: All values are required. You cannot change the Company Name value. 
    • Click Save Changes. 
Result: The changes to your account are saved. 

Changing your selected Trades and Business Types

Your trade and business type preferences are set upon your initial access to Insight. These settings work with your searches to return contractors that play a role on projects that best match your business needs.

  • The Trades menu is organized by CSI Division and subcategory. You can select as many trades as you need.
  • The Business Type menu lets you select the work type that most closely matches the work you perform. You can only select one type.

When you make any changes, make sure to click Save Changes when you are done.

Changing your selected Trades and Business Types

The role for your account is set upon your initial access to Insight. You can select another role from the list. 

  • When you make any changes, make sure to click Save Changes when you are done.

Viewing your subscription information

Your subscription information is displayed in the lower half of the window. The information displayed includes contract stop and start dates and project search criteria such as geography, stages and categories. For more information, click the link on the page to contact your account representative, or contact Customer Service.