Forecast technical requirements

This section contains information about the supported browsers, tablet platforms and other software requirements for using Forecast. 

Note: For specific information about enabling cookies and disabling pop-up blocker software for your browser, refer to your browser's documentation or contact your system administrator. For further information, contact Customer Service.

Supported browsers and tablets

The following browsers on Windows® platforms are compatible with the modules of the Forecast:

  • Google Chrome™ - version 30 and higher

  • Mozilla Firefox® - version 25 and higher

  • Microsoft Edge®

For tablets:

  • Apple® iPad® iOS 7.0 and higher - Safari®

  • All other tablets are compatible with any of the above browsers.

Enabling cookies

You must have your browser set to accept cookies from the following addresses:

Disabling popup blockers

Browser-specific or add-on popup blocker software may prevent certain features of Forecast from functioning correctly. You may need to disable any popup blocker software on your browser to access these features.Disabling popup blockers.

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