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Release Notes History

Here you can see what has been added to, fixed, or changed through the years…

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Release Date

What’s included


Release Date

What’s included


Re-release of PlanSwift 11 with Windows 11 Support, improves to upgrade installation workflow, and several UI improvements and bug fixes.


Windows 11 support, new workflow to open Pages in new tabs, changes to installation process.

This version was pulled from distribution so we could improve the upgrade experience for end users.


Additional scales added to drop-down, updated “Show Me How” videos, removed “Single-click Subtract” from options (never implemented), and fix to PS-Connect (limits its use to 10.3 and newer).


Maintenance release to fix numerous bugs including: Recent Documents, Deleted Bookmarks, installing new Shapes on upgrade, and many more.


New Count Shapes, always show Page Scale in UI, several user experience improvements, and numerous bug fixes


Maintenance release to fix bugs, add calls to the API, and make some minor UI adjustments.



Maintenance release to fix bugs in the Excel integration, update/clean up code, and fix minor UI Issues in several screens.



Additional CSI Codes, New Estimating layouts, updated interface, new Sample Assemblies, Search for Selected Item, updates to Excel integration, and many other changes and bug fixes.


Replaces - maintenance release to fix numerous bugs, especially RAM issues and issue with Windows 10 Creator edition. Also addressed performance issues when converting PDFs to TIFF.


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