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Exporting a Job (Using Zip SwiftJob) to Share with another PlanSwift User

You can export your project to a shareable file using the Zip SwiftJob function, accessible from the Tools toolbar.

This can be used if you cannot access the Email a Job function.

This does not create a ZIP file, this creates a file with a *.swiftjob extension that can only be imported into PlanSwift.

A SwiftJob file recreates this project within PlanSwift, plans, takeoff, annotations, assemblies, etc.

Create the SwiftJob File

PlanSwift Tools toolbar - Zip SwiftJob button highlighted

Browse to where you want to save the file, update the name, and click Save.

Send to Another PlanSwift User

Depending on how large your job is, you can send it via e-mail (less than 10MB file) or you can upload it to a cloud-share site such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

The recipient simply downloads the file and then double-clicks it to import into PlanSwift. They will be prompted for the Storage location and to update the name, if they choose.


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