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Electrical Engineers

 Handle design of a building’s eletcrical systems and components.


(aka Professional Engineer) One who is professionally engaged in a branch of engineering.

Engineer’s Estimate

 Construction cost estimate for a project as calculated by an engineer.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

 Refers to software packages, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV or Netsuite software that, among other things, manages the GL.


A percentage value applied to Material and Labor costs to account for future cost increases for when a project is built


  1. To calculate approximately the amount, extent or value of something

  2. To form an opinion of estimated costs.

  3. A bid outlining the costs associated with a construction project including materials, labor, and other expenses.

Estimate of Construction Cost, Detailed

A calculation of costs prepared on the basis of a detailed analysis of materials and labor for all items of work, as contrasted with an estimate based on current area, volume or similar unit costs.


A process of calculating the amount of material, labor and equipment required for a given project necessary to complete the work as specified.


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