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GetPropertyFormula (1)


Returns the formula string for the property specified by ItemPath and PropertyName.
Returns an empty string ('') if the item or property is not found.


Procedure: GetPropertyFormula(ItemPath, PropertyName: String): String;

Code Reference:

    1. Navigate to Plugin Store->Tool Manager and create a new Plugin
    2. Set the plugin type to Script Code and open the Editor
    3. Copy Code into the editor
    4. Press run

API Calls


Using PlanSwift Object Model
// PlanSwift code:
Result := PlanSwift.GetPropertyFormula(ItemPath, 'Name');

//FreshDesk code:
procedure psgetPropertyFormula;
  ps: IPlanSwift;
  itm: IItem;
  propvalue: WideString;
  //Create the Planswift Interfacev
  ps := coplanswift.Create;
  //Get the selected Item
  itm := ps.SelectedItem;
  //Set the property value
  propvalue := ps.GetPropertyFormula(itm.GUID,'Name');
  //Chece if Property value is empty
  if propvalue <> '' then
  //Free Planswift Interface
  ps := nil;


Using IItem Object Model
public class PlanswiftApi
    private PlanSwift Planswift { get; }
    public PlanSwiftApi()
        Planswift = new PlanSwift();
Using PlanSwift Object Model
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Using IItem Object Model
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Using PlanSwift Object Model
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