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NewItemEx (2)


Creates a new IItem as a child of ParentPath. If EditProperties is true, then the property editor will display when the item is created.


Procedure: NewItemEx(ParentPath, ItemType: String; AName: String = ''; EditProperties: Boolean): IItem;

API Calls


Using PlanSwift Object Model
PlanSwift Code:

CanCreateNewItem := False; // Do you really want to create this item ???

If CanCreateNewItem Then Begin
  AItem := PlanSwift.NewItem('\job\takeoff', 'Folder', 'New Folder', false);
  Result := AItem.Name;
End Else
  Result := 'Can not Create';

FreshDesk Code:

  ps: IPlanSwift;
  est: IItem;
  // Create The Planswift Interface
  ps := coPlanswift.Create;
  // Get the Estimating Tab
  est := ps.GetItem('Job\Takeoff');
  // Open the Advance Property Item Dialog
  est.NewItemEx('Area', 'NewItemEx Example', true);
  // Free Planswift
  ps := nil;


Using IItem Object Model
public class PlanswiftApi
    private PlanSwift Planswift { get; }
    public PlanSwiftApi()
        Planswift = new PlanSwift();
Using PlanSwift Object Model
Coming soon


Using IItem Object Model
Coming soon
Using PlanSwift Object Model
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