New Sample Plans

New Sample Plans

PlanSwift 10.2 release includes a new set of sample plans, which is listed in Figure 1.  Each of the new sample plans' pages is shown in the Figures 2-9 below.

              Figure 1. Sample Plans

               Figure 2. A1.1 Community Center - Sample Plans, Front View

                 Figure 3. A1.2 Floor Plan - Sample Plans

                Figure 4. A1.4 Roof Plan --Sample Plans

               Figure 5. A2.1 Exterior Elevation - Samples Plans

                Figure 6. E1.0 Electrical Plan -Sample Plans

                Figure 7. M2.1 HVAC Plan - Sample Plans

                Figure 8. L1.0 Landscape Plan - Sample Plans

                Figure 9. C1.1 Site Plan - Sample Plans