Activation Errors

I get an Error Connecting Warning box when trying to activate my PlanSwift. How can I fix this?


If you received this message, you may not be connected to the internet. If you are connected to the internet then the issue is likely due to a firewall that is blocking PlanSwift from gaining access to the internet.  Be sure to add a firewall exception to your security program for PlanSwift. 

If you do not have access to these settings you can select yes to obtain a code through the default web browser and manually activate PlanSwift. You can also obtain a manual activation by calling our automated activation line at 1-888-752-6794; option 9.

Why am I getting an error that says "Unable to provide unlock code. Activation pin is invalid?".

Answer: You may receive this error if the PIN number you entered is incorrect. Please re-enter your 5-digit pin number and press Activate. If you do not know your pin number, click here to have your activation codes resent to you.

Why is PlanSwift telling me I'm not allowed to unlock additional computers at this time?

Answer: You have received this message because you have exceeded the number of activations on your PlanSwift License. Please remove one or more of the users from one of the activated computers by going to the active computer and going to the help tab in PlanSwift and selecting "Software License Options" then click "Remove license".

Why is PlanSwift telling me my "Customer Number is not Found?".

Answer: You may receive this message if you entered the wrong customer number. The customer number must be entered using the letter C as the first character. If you do not know your customer number, click here to have your activation codes resent to you.

My PlanSwift has expired, and I can't perform any actions. Help!

Answer: You have received this message because your trial has expired or the activation code on your computer has reached its expiration date. If you have a purchased version of PlanSwift, simply press the activate button again to re-validate the computer activation. This typically occurs approximately every 4 months. 

PlanSwift won't unlock; it says something about my date being incorrect. 

Answer: This message is common but is easily resolved by checking the date and time on your computer.  Right-click on the clock in your system tray and select Adjust Date/Time from the right-click menu.  Simply set the correct date and time in windows and apply the settings. Now retry the activation in PlanSwift.