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PlanSwift Open Errors

PlanSwift Open Errors

There are two main PlanSwift errors that can cause PlanSwift not to open:


Any time you try to open PlanSwift and you get an error saying something along the lines of:

Error: Could not load PlanSwift/Settings/Data.xml

That generally means there was a problem with PlanSwift not being closed properly and those files get corrupt.

The fix is almost always a Re-install.


If you uninstall PlanSwift, it will delete your storages, meaning every job not archived will be lost. This is a Re-install over the top of your version of PlanSwift.

The link for the PlanSwift 10.2 version is on our website at:

For earlier versions than PlanSwift 10.2, please contact PlanSwift Technical Support at 888-752-6794 Ext. 2.



If you receive an error that looks like this:

This means that data in a job became corrupted.

If this happens, the easiest thing to do is remove the job specified in the error. You can follow the path given in the error message in Windows Explorer.

Once you find the file, cut out the folder the error is coming from. For example, you would go back one folder and cut out the Palm Beach Equine Folder. 

Paste the folder on the desktop and then reload PlanSwift. This should remove the error.

If the error is the main data file in the job (you can tell since the address has only the job name), you can learn how to bring the job back from this link:

Error: What To Do If PlanSwift Corrupts A Main Data File In A Job

If it is in a Takeoff or Page folder, then you will just need to cut out the folder. Unfortunately, there is not a way to bring back this data.

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