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Home Tab: Linear Takeoff Tool (Connected Segments)

The Linear tool allows you to create a Linear digitized takeoff item on your plan. The Linear tool is easy to use, just set the Properties and then click two or more points on your plan.

1. Select Linear to open the linear Properties window.

2. In this window, you can name your Linear item and choose a color for it. PlanSwift automatically picks a random color; if you would like a different color, simply click the drop-down menu under Color.

3. When you are finished setting the properties, select the OK button to continue.

Make sure your page is scaled; if not, PlanSwift will automatically open the Scale window.

Notice that the Digitizer Record button is red; this indicates that the on-screen digitizer is now working.

4. Simply click on the endpoints of your Linear item. If you accidentally click in the wrong spot, you can undo it by pressing Backspace or Ctrl-z on your keyboard.

In PlanSwift 9.3 and later you can end a Linear and remain in the Digitizer Record mode by double-clicking the final point of a Linear. After the double-click you can quickly enter a new Linear without clicking the Linear button.

5. End the on-screen digitizer by pressing Esc or by clicking the Digitizer Record button.

See video below on how to create a new linear:


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