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Nested Formulas

Nested Formulas


  •  When the result of a property is dependent on the result of another property
  •  When the cost of a part is dependent on one or more variables
  •  If the property requires an “IF” function
  •  When the results of the “IF” function need to be simple to adjust


In this example, I will demonstrate how we can make the cost of a 2x4 change depending on the length of the board.

Step 1:  Create the primary property by clicking on the “Add Property” button: 

 Step 2: Name the primary property and then click “Okay”:

Step 3:  Add a list of common lengths (optional but recommended):


Step 4:  Add a property for each selection in the “Length of Material” property’s list:

Step 5: Now input the cost of each length of 2x4 on the corresponding properties: 

Step 6:  Locate the “Cost Each” property and input [[Length of Material]] into the formula:  

This will cause the “Cost Each” property to perform a double search function. It will search for the property named “Length of Material” and then search for a property that matches the result of the “Length of Material” property. Meaning, if the result is “8” then it will search for a property named “8” and return the result of this property to the “Cost Each” property.

Step 7: Test the function by selecting a length from the “Length of Material” property: 

Ensure that the length you choose returns the correct value to the “Cost Each” property.

If the formula does not work, try “Right-Clicking” on the “Cost Each” property and clicking “Recalculate”.

If it still does not work, check your names for extra spaces or misspellings.

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