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Settings Tab: Keyboard Hotkeys

Keyboard Hotkeys allow you to make quick one-key selections of tasks you do often.

PlanSwift uses numerous hotkey defaults, however, you may update and change them to suit your needs.

For some options you may select two different hotkeys.

Hotkeys that are not listed on the Keyboard Hotkey settings page:

Windows Hotkeys
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ZUndo
Page DownNext Page
Page UpPrevious Page
Shift + click (on last item)Selects all items between first and last click
Ctrl + clickSelects multiple items in random order
PlanSwift Keyboard Hotkeys
F7 (default)Zoom to fit
F10 (default)Zoom
None (default)Previous Zoom
EScrolls Up
DScrolls Down
SScrolls Left
FScrolls Right
MMagnifies the area around the cursor
BCreates a Bookmark
None (default)Search Bookmark
None (default)Continue With
F3Toggles the Snap tool on and off during takeoff
F8Toggle Angle Snap (Ortho)
F6Toggle Verify Points
SpaceQuick Search
Num +Smooth Zoom In
Num -Smooth Zoom Out
1Starts a new Area
2Starts a new Linear
3Starts a new Segment
4Starts a new Count
RStarts/Stops Point Recording
NCreates a new takeoff section of an existing takeoff item
F12Toggles between the Image/Estimating Windows
=Creates a new Note
ADesignates the next click point as an arc point between the most recent click point and the following click point
CCloses an Area or a Linear
DeleteDeletes an item
EscStops recording
Alt (hold the alt key down after selecting the items and drag)Moves selected items (digitized)
O Rotates Point Counts (rotates the last placed point count or all selected point counts 90 degrees)
Hold ShiftToggles Ortho tool on or off during takeoff
BackspaceUndoes the most recent click point of the takeoff section being recorded
Any Arrow keyMoves the selected section/click points in the direction of the arrow key clicked by the distance specified in the following pop-up window
Ctrl + any Arrow keyMake an array of copies in the direction of the arrow key.  The first pop-up window will define the distance between the copies.  The second window will define the number of copies

Mouse commands available in PlanSwift:

Mouse Buttons
Left Click Select
Right ClickOpens pop-up menu
Click and hold right mouse button in workspacePans (Moves the plan in the direction that you move your mouse)
Click and hold left mouse button in workspaceForms a selection box which will select all items that are completely in the box
Click and hold left mouse button while selecting certain itemsDrags and drops parts, moves items in lists to different locations and moves click points when points are made visible by selecting a takeoff section
Scroll Wheel
Scroll upZooms in
Scroll downZooms out
Click Scroll WheelQuick Pan

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