Advanced Item Updater Plugin


The Advanced Item Updater Plugin allows you to update the property of an item/multiple items at a time, quickly and easily.

The Advanced Item Updater Plugin adds a button to the Estimating Tab ribbon bar.

How To Use the Advanced Item Updater Plugin


First, you'll need to download and install your Plugin, see: Downloading, Installing, and Uninstalling a Plugin or Starter Pack

Once your new Plugin is installed, follow the steps below to use it.

We encourage you to purchase a training package for accelerated learning and faster customization, see: for details on scheduling training.

On the "Estimating Tab" click the Advanced Item Updater button.

This opens the Advanced Item Updater window...

  • Choose a property to search (2)
  • Enter a value to search (3)
  • Choose a Tab to search for items (4)
  • Click the Search button
  • Review the items found (5)
  • Check the box to Sync the items' properties (6)
  • Choose the property to update(8)
  • Enter the new value (8)
  • Click Update (9)

Note: Unless you are an advanced user DO NOT make changes to the darkened fields on this form. Note: If you want to undo the changes you made, just click UNDO at the top of PlanSwift.

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