Shop Installed Option

The Advanced Duct version 4.1.2 will have the Installed in Shop feature. This feature was available to Classic FabShop users.

The option allows users to designate the current item will be installed on another item during the fabrication process. This will increase the item fabrication labor by a percentage, a flat value, or both.

I. Setup the Labor to be used for Shop Installed

For this example, we will set up the Angle Tap-In to have the shop installed feature enabled.

  1. Open Central Data and expand Setups and Item Options

  2. Expand the Rectangular folder and click on the Angle Tap-In fitting

  3. Validate the Installed Option additional labor values you wish to use

When an item is marked as “Shop Installed” in Takeoff, add a percentage of the Fab labor and a set amount of labor time to the item's overall fabrication labor.

  1. Add %: the value input will increase the Item Labor

  2. Add Hours: the value input will then be added to the Item Labor

II. Allowing Pressure Class Items to be Attached/Installed to other Items

Each pressure class will require enabling the ability to use the Shop Installed feature.

  1. Within Central Data expand Setups and then Pressure Classes

  2. Expand the Rectangular pressure class

  3. Click on the Items label in the navigation tree

  4. Select the Angle Tap-In in the Item List to the right

  5. Click on the Edit button

  6. Change the option for May Attach to Other Items to Yes and save changes

III. Using Shop Installed option in Takeoff

  1. Within Takeoff select the item enabled to be Shop Installed

  2. Check the box for Installed in Shop

  3. Notice the Fabrication labor increases and highlights as a visual reference

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