Create Catalog Items from Takeoff (Legacy Misc Item)

Legacy Sheetmetal had a question mark ( ? ) item in the Accessory File that allowed the user to create any item on the fly. QuoteSoft Duct has a similar feature using the Catalog.

Create a Catalog Group before Takeoff

  • Click the Central Data Button to access the setup screens
  • Expand the Catalog and Category where the Group is to be created
  • Click New Group and input a Group Name such as Miscellaneous Group
  • Check to allow Labor and Item Cost
  • Save the Group

Creating an Item on-the-fly in Takeoff

  • Using the Catalog Items palette select the Catalog and Category
  • Right-click on the Group and click New Item

  • Input an Item Name and desired Labor and Item Cost
  • You can assign a picture and takeoff stamp at this time if you desire
  • Save the item

You'll notice it is immediately selected and ready for use in Takeoff

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