Catalogs Overview

QuoteSoft Duct has a new Catalog that allows sizing, scaling, and square foot items to be setup and used in Takeoff. With the ability to create bookmarks and bookmark groups to customize your Takeoff.

Legacy Accessory Items have been moved to the Catalog for better use.

Snap Lock Items category has been created within the Accessory Items Catalog.

The Catalog is setup using Categories, Groups, and then Items.

Using the Adjustable Elbow Group as our example, the group has been created to have an opening of shape type round. Labor and costs have been allowed with the items. The item has square feet, for wrap calculations and weight. Components of Joints, Sealants, and Wrap are included with these items.

On the Group page, the lower list are the available items. They have been created with a diameter and all the necessary info needed for Takeoff.

 Use the New Item button to create a new item. Select an item in the list and use the Edit Item button to modify the selected item. Duplicate Item will allow you to make a copy of the selected item.

Group Export and Import will allow you to send all pricing and labor data to excel for modification then import in the modifications.

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