Birdscreen End Cap

QuoteSoft Duct offers a rectangular fitting called Birdscreen End Cap. This item is a typical end cap manufactured with birdscreen material in the place of solid metal.

How to setup the Birdscreen End Cap

  • Click the Central Data Button to access the setup screens
  • Expand in the navigation tree Setups - Data File - Materials - Cost by Sqft
  • Click the NEW button to add a new Cost by Sqft material
  • Type in the name of the material and the cost per sqft and save the material

  • Expand in the navigation tree Setups - Pressure Files - Rectangular - and select a pressure file to expand
  • Click on the Materials to see the list of Materials for the pressure file
  • Click the Birdscreen (Cost per Sqft) material drop down menu and select the new material created

Takeoff Use of Birdscreen End Cap

  • Select the Birdscreen End cap fitting in the Rectangular palette
  • Item Details will display the Cost by Sqft material
  • Expand Material Cost to view the details

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