01. Main Menu

The Main Menu is the QuoteSoft Duct opening screen. It is the Dashboard to give access to the most commonly used modules within the program as well as recent jobs.

The navigation buttons will give access to the important parts of the program, whether that be Jobs or Setup Data and User configuration.

Navigation Buttons

Job File – Users can access all jobs in the program, reports, and job attachments.

Central Data – Allows you to view and update your material prices, labor hours, and duct construction standards

Configuration – All Administrative options are available in Configuration. Job Numbering structure, Users and their access control, and more.

Takeoff – this button will jump the user back into the last zone they were working on. It is the quickest way to get back to work.

Knowledge Base – our online resource for help with the program where you can get instructions on setting up pressure files, adding accessory items, etc

Web Help – allows a support technician to connect with the user. Only click if you are instructed by a QuoteSoft tech so you know which name to select.

Job List – the list will show the user the most recent jobs worked on in the program. This list can be filtered and ordered per workstation. Double click a Job to open the job file and select the job.

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