Legacy Duct Takeoff Shortcuts

Item Viewer Shortcuts

F1Toggles Item Viewer Window
Right-click on a lineToggles Editing menu  Edit, Copy, Delete, Move
Click Options ButtonAllows you to select and change the viewable and hidden columns
Click Filter ListOpens the Filter Wizard

HotKey Shortcuts

F1Toggles Item Viewer Window
F2 (or right-click “Code”)Toggles Item Detail Viewer Window
F4Toggles the Quick Totals Palette
F6Toggles the Calculator
F7Toggles the Unit Conversion Palette
F8Toggles the Plenums Calculator
F9Toggles the Time Calculator
F10Toggles the Voice Command Input
F11Opens the Global Wizard
F12Hide all Palettes
Ctrl+DToggles the Digitizer Scaling Setup Menu

Catalog Bookmarks

Right-click any blank spaceCreates new bookmark
Shift right-click any bookmarkDeletes bookmark
Right-click Catalog buttonToggles bookmark editing menu  creating new bookmark group OR drag mode for moving bookmarks

General Shortcuts

Right-click “Job File”Jump to Base Setup Menu
Right-click Number Entry PaletteTabs through selectable options (height, width, and quantity)
Right-click Catalog PaletteOpens the Catalog File
Right-click on Scale ButtonOpens the Digitizer Open Scaling Setup
Right-click on Quantity fieldToggles the Count Box. Click on the board with pen or puck or click with the mouse to add to count. Right-click again to turn off.
Click on Item NameChange height or width dimensions
Click Item Number in top left cornerAllows you to enter item number, which is brought up.

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