05. Assemblies

NOTE: Assembly Names and Specification Names need to be utilized in the same way. The majority of exceptions come from misused Assemblies.

 The Assembly section will take approximately 1 hour.

Exercise 27: Copying Assemblies from the Master Folders

  1. Make sure you are on the job where you want that copied assembly to go to. Click on the Assemblies Tab. The Assemblies screen appears.
  2. Click . From the Folder, select HVAC. From the Job, select Coils thread. From the Assemblies to copy, select HW3-CL-T12-Coil-Thd w/2-Way 2″.

Exercise 28: Editing an Assembly

Once you have copied all the assemblies you will need, you can edit them for this job.

Double click on an assembly you want to edit. The Takeoff screen appears for that assembly.

This is the “Edit Assembly” screen. You can change the items, the quantity, or size in the Assembly. Use the “Assembly Takeoff” audit trail at the top right portion of the screen to see what is included in the assembly.

NOTE: We will be going into more detail later about utilizing assemblies.

Attaching an Image to a New Assembly

When you create new assemblies, you may want to import images of those assemblies. Possibly, you created these images in your CAD program. To import these images, go to the Assemblies Tab. Click  on the bottom right side of the Assembly screen. A screen appears where you can select the file of the image you would like in import. (The images can be JPEG or TIFF.)

Difference Between an Assembly Spec and Zone Spec

When it comes time to run reports, the system looks at the specification you assigned to the assembly. If you assigned a different spec to the items in a Zone, the system looks at the specification you assigned for that Zone. (The system looks at different specs for the assembly vs. the items in a zone, if you assigned them different specs.)

You will see the differences if, for example, you use a threaded 2″ and down Zone spec that says that you use thread and couple pipe but you want your hookups to your Assembly units to be copper.

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