Advanced Takeoff Changes

Listed below is a quick explanation of the changes included in the update. If you require further explanation or demonstration please call 800-813-7020 and schedule an appointment with a technical support representative for a detailed walkthrough.

QuoteSoft 4.1 allows users to have multiple plan files open at the same time, either in tabbed view or simply side by side. This new version of Takeoff allows users to have the ease of switching from spec to spec, or zone to zone, with the ease of clicking a zone in a list. Users now have the ability to customize the palettes to show how they want it to show. QuoteSoft 4.1 opens the door for customization to all users.

Preferred System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10, 64-bit
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Hard drive: Solid State Drive 512GB
  • Video Card: 2GB
  • Monitors: Dual HD capable of 1080p

Enabling 4.1 Advanced Takeoff

This must be done on a per-workstation basis. Go to Configuration and check the Use Advanced Takeoff box at the bottom. You can also check the box to show the operation on the Zones page. This allows you to review old jobs in Legacy takeoff and do new jobs in Advanced Takeoff.

Training and Use Recommendation

Advanced Takeoff is the recommended tool for all users. We strongly recommend you call and schedule a 30-minute quick start training with a Pipe Trainer to get the tool enabled and to go over the basics. However, if you would rather review our online videos, then please visit our [QuoteSoft Piping Advanced Takeoff] site for Video Training on using the new Takeoff tool.

One important consideration to keep in mid as you move forward: a job started in Advanced Takeoff cannot be opened by Legacy Takeoff, and vice versa. You will be warned when attempting to do so that it is strongly not recommended.

Enhancements & Program Modifications

Main Menu & Legacy Takeoff

  1. Ability to resize the Main Menu and all the other tabs has been added. You can now stretch the window, resize the columns, and have them saved in your preferred layout. This is a per-workstation setting.
  2. Removed the option to continue to launch the program without updating. When an update is found, users are now required to update to the version available on your server.
  3. In some cases, minimizing the software caused the program to crash. This has been solved.
  4. Corrected an issue where copied functions to the database were not being saved to the server. Now includes a dialog box to verify if the user wants to save the changes. You are no longer allowed to open the database, make changes, and only save those changes locally. You have to check them into your server, or delete your changes.
  5. Resolved a problem that was causing the software to not account for the Auto Save settings during On-Screen Takeoff. Now the program will not allow a user to set their Auto Save to 0.
  6. Added dialog box to verify changes made in the Advanced Edit All option in the Database. This also forces changes to be saved back to the server as well.
  7. Added the F4 function for Conflict Notes into the On-Screen Takeoff. Simply hit F4 on your keyboard and you’ll be prompted with a Conflict Note addition.
  8. Corrected a problem that was causing an error when replacing fittings after using the filter system in the Audit Trail.
  9. Can now use the arrow keys to select Assemblies in the Assemblies Tab.
  10. Using set scales from combo on a new Zone no longer causes an error.
  11. Scale selection in Zone creation no longer defaults back to the scale from the previous zone.
  12. Resolved a problem that was causing some fields to not appear when using the Global feature in the Assembly Takeoff window.
  13. Corrected an error that was causing the Plan Autofill in the New Zone screen to not Autofill the correct plan file.
  14. Corrected an issue that was stopping the Child Assemblies from carrying over the Cost Code and Labor Code from the Parent Assemblies

Advanced Takeoff

  1. Compare allows you to place a plan file of the same type (PDF, TIFF, etc.) and size over the top of the other and the program will show you the changes with colored lines. Red means that items have been removed, and green means that items have been added. You can also continue takeoff on top of the new plan file.
  2. Added a feature to jump to Pipe after changing size. In the OST Options palette, if checked, when size is changed, the program will automatically go into pipe and scale mode.
  3. Ability to show spec name on top of all the palettes has been added. You can enable this option in the Setup Menu, then Onscreen Options.
  4. Added the ability to show insulation and joint locations on double line pipe annotations, available in the Onscreen Options.
  5. When selecting an item with multiple sizes, the size selector will now pop up on the monitor where your mouse is. When using quick keys for an item with multiple sizes (such as reducing tees), the size selector will pop up exactly where your mouse is.
  6. Added ability to replace plan file. The program will warn you that if the plans are not the same dimensions, file type, or DPI, then you risk not having items appear where they should. This feature is available in the Plan File menu.
  7. When a valve is placed on the plan file with Accessories, there are small icons indicating additional components attached to the valve.
  8. Users can now change the size of the labels for Job Items and Assemblies as they appear on the plan file. You can find this in Onscreen Options.
  9. Right-click options are available on Assemblies and Job Items palettes. Edit, Duplicate, and Edit are available where applicable.
  10. Additional Quick Keys have been added; you can now use the number row on your keyboard (1-0).
  11. Quick Keys will now work with Specialties and Hangers.
  12. CTRL+N will give you the new zone prompt in Takeoff.
  13. CTRL+Tab key will allow you to switch between tabbed plan files.
  14. Selecting items on the plan file or in the Audit Trail and then right-clicking them will allow you to add those selected items to an existing Assembly.
  15. Continuous pipe runs can be broken by holding down CTRL now. This will effectively start a brand new run.
  16. Spec Palettes (Fittings, Pipe, Valves, etc.) now have a fill order choice. Right-click in them and choose to fill Horizontally or Vertically.
  17. When a column filter has been applied to the Audit Trail, the header will be colored yellow to visually remind you of the filter.
  18. An Onscreen Option has been added to clear Audit Trail filters on close and reopen of Takeoff.
  19. Ability to Flip and Reverse annotations has been added. Users can now mirror flip either vertically or horizontally the selected annotations.

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