Oval Joint Database Feature

Oval AccuFlanges are a one piece flange available in Singlewall and Doublewall. The Flanges are made in standard Oval sizes and are availabe in Galvanzied, PaintGrip, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Plastic Coated.

The program accommodates using these set sizes by offering the option of using the .MDB setup in the Oval Joints & Sealants table in the Datafile.

Navigate to the Qserver>Datafile>OvalJointTables folder and find the SW.mdb file. 

Right Click and open the SW.mdb file, double click on the Generic table to open the sheet. Enter in the price of 2 Flanges in the Price column. (If you are setup to use the price output joints, enter 

in the cost of 1 flange)

Save the file when finished entering pricing. If you have flanges of different materials, copy the file, rename it and enter in the pricing for the new flange material. 

Example: SW PaintGrip.mdb

To setup the program to use the new tables, go to Setup Menu>Datafile>Oval Joints & Sealants

In the Oval Joint table, select Per Joint Setup.

Select the Galv Accuflange, select the Check box: Use Oval Pricing Table and choose the SW.mdb file from the folder

You will see the SW.mdb file that you selected in the file window.

Quotesoft will use the Pricing from the SW.mdb file, the Labor will be used from the Connector Labor Table for the Joint

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