Do Not Use Coil Line Options for Standard Length Duct

When the Item Options for Duct have been set to use the Coil Line options it is not generally desired to have all pressure classes adhere to the options. This article will describe how to restrict the use of the options within the pressure class. can be set up following the guide linked here.

A typical example of this case is a welded pressure class. The coil line options should be ignored for a pressure class of this type.

I. Setting the Option to Ignore Coil Line Options

  1. Within the Central Data window, navigate to Pressure Classes and then Rectangular

  2. Expand the Black Iron Welded pressure class

  3. Click on the Items and then on Duct

  4. Select the option “Do not use Coil Line Options from Item Options for standard length duct from this pressure class”

II. Validating the Option in Takeoff

  1. Create a new job and zone using the Black Iron Welded pressure class

  2. Select the rectangular duct

  3. In the Item Details palette expand the Fab labor section

  4. Expand the Seam section

    1. Validate the seam labor

  5. Expand the Seam Sealer section

    1. Validate the seam sealer labor

  6. Expand the Joint section

    1. Validate the joint labor


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