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titleImportant Notice

Effective 9/21/2022

ConstructConnect is committed to releasing quality products. We put PlanSwift 11 through rigorous internal QA testing, user acceptance testing, and a month long beta with PlanSwift customers, during which time, we identified and fixed several installation bugs, but overall received positive feedback. After the general release, we identified several issues that made the upgrade experience less than optimal for some customers. Due to these issues during upgrade installations, we have decided to pullback the release until we can deliver the experience we want you, our loyal customers, to have. PlanSwift 11 will be out soon and we'll notify you as soon as it is available again.



Table of Contents

New Features

Windows 11 Support


  • The EarthWorks Pro v.3 cannot be installed within PlanSwift 11. Work-around: install PlanSwift (downloads located below) before you install PlanSwift 11. Then install the EarthWorks Pro plug-in through PlanSwift 10. Then, upgrade to PlanSwift 11 - be sure to leave the "Install To" folder "PlanSwift 10" so the installer performs an upgrade, not a side-by-side installation. This folder gets renamed "PlanSwift" during the installation process, but EarthWorks Pro will continue to work when you launch and license PlanSwift 11.
  • PlanSwift Connect is currently not supported with PlanSwift 11 - we are working on an update.
  • Deleted Pages Recycle Bin Folder is not clearing itself periodically. Deleted Pages are stored in a folder called Recycle Bin that should clear periodically to free up space on the user's hard drive. Workaround: Users can clear/empty the Recycle Bin manually. (Will be fixed in a future release)
  • If you have set up a "Data Storage" (other than the Default one in C:\Program Files (x86)\PlanSwift X\, you must add it back to PlanSwift 11 after upgrading. Then, all your projects will be available. See Settings Tab: Data Storage for instructions.
  • User's individual application settings are not being migrated during upgrade from previous version to PlanSwift 11. We are working to address this with an updated installer.
  • The <<Add button in the Contacts tab is not working in the Email Job workflow. Workaround: just type in the recipient's e-mail address in the Sent to field and click Add.
  • Excel integration causes a crash after creating a segment.
  • PlanSwift (all versions) hangs on startup if analytics is enabled and there is no internet.
  • Customer has to reset password after upgrading to PlanSwift 11.
  • Double-click on Templates does not work.
  • PLAN-8559 - Color properties on custom templates is not persisting correctly.