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PlanSwift versions 10.1 and older require manual activation and deactivation. After October 1, 2022, PlanSwift 10.1 and previous versions will be sunset and you will not be able to license them. The steps below allow you to activate PlanSwift manually until October 1. (See PlanSwift Sunsetting Policy (Product End of Life) for more information.)


When you see the “Successfully Activated” screen, you are good-to-go for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, you’ll need to repeat this Manual Activation process to get a new Activation Code.



Note For all versions 10.1 and older, you will receive a message that the program is not connecting to the internet, this is caused by updated security protocols. PlanSwift will still function, but will not connect to the internet. You will not be able to email plans from PlanSwift, although you can create a zip file, save it to your computer, and then email that zip file to another user.

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