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Manual Deactivation

To remove your license from PlanSwift (so you can activate PlanSwift on a different machine), follow the steps below:

Manual Deactivation/Remove Steps

Step 1. Put your PC into Airplane mode or disconnect it from the internet so that PlanSwift cannot establish a connection to the PlanSwift Servers
Step 2. Click on Software License Options on the Help Tab and click on Remove License
Step 3. Click ok
Step 4. Click Yes
Step 5. Copy the code and be sure that you do not click Ok or close this window yet.
Step 6. Turn off airplane mode or reconnect your internet
Step 7. Open the URL and do not click Ok or close this window yet
Step 8. Paste in code and click Deactivate
Step. 9 You should see a success message when the code reaches the PlanSwift servers. This releases the license to be used on another work station.


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