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Plugins and Starter Packs

Plugins and Starter Packs add functionality to PlanSwift.

  • Plugins typically add some sort of feature/tool such as Advanced Copy and Pasting, Advanced Item Edition (Mass Updater), or even Earthworks Pro.
  • Start Packs are trade or manufacturer focused sets of templates, tools, and items that you can use to draw takeoff and price your estimates (such as Concrete, Roofing, Siding, or the James Hardie Starter Pack/plugin.

Many people call both of these "Plugins", because they are installed/added to PlanSwift as optional components.

Most Plugins and Starter Packs require you to purchase them, in addition to your PlanSwift product license/maintenance.

Below is a list of all currently available Plugins and Starter Packs, how to purchase them, and how to install and use them.

Only the Plugins and Starter Packs currently available from PlanSwift (listed in this section) are supported, and only in supported versions of PlanSwift. If you purchased a Plugin or Starter Pack for a previous version that is no longer supported, there is no guarantee that Plugin or Starter Pack will be compatible with newer releases.

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