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Applies to PlanSwift 129 and newer

Like previous major releases, PlanSwift 11 installs to a new directory and doesn’t replace or upgrade any older software versions. A new directory means your existing jobs and templates are not immediately available in the new version. In the past, you were instructed to copy over your jobs and templates folders using Windows Explorer. However, in PlanSwift 11, we automatically launch the Import Jobs and Templates utility, built-into PlanSwift, that’ll help you pull-in data and templates from your oldest previous version of PlanSwift (for example, if you have PS9 and PS10 installed, the Import Wizard will pick up PS9 only, to import from PS10, you must uninstall PlanSwift 9 first). The Import Wizard allows you to pick-and-choose just what you want to migrate over, instead of pulling over old, unnecessary jobs and templates.