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The top section of the Analytics contains the options available to the user. Options such as layouts, exporting, importing, adding totals, etc.

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Export button – will export the current view to excel for you.

Create Save Layout – once you have configured your list of items the way you want, if you wish to save the configuration, click Create Layout and give it a name. It will then be available in the drop down menu at the top of the Analytics view, for all users.

Update Overwrite Layout – if you make changes to a layout and wish to have it saved, click Update LayoutDelete Layout – will delete the saved layout that is currently shown in the drop down menuExport and Import Layouts – if you have another server setup and wish to share your layouts, you can using the Export and Import buttons.

2.      Analytics – Item List Customization


Located in the Reports palette are the Other Formats. Click Export CSV or Export XML to generate those files with the selected or all zone information included.

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You will be prompted to name and files and save them. The Reports directory of the active job will be the default location for save.