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Release Notes v. Released: 03/19/2020

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Professional which includes a number of fixes and additions listed below.

For more detailed information about each feature and change, see the Detailed Release Notes

3/19/2020 - We are still testing the Metric installer and will have it available as soon as possible.
4/30/2020 - Update, the Metric installer is ready, review the release notes here: Release Notes v. Released: 04/30/2020


  • BF - Bug Fixes 
  • PI - Performance Improvements
  • FR - Feature
  • TP - Templates
  • UI - User Interface
  • DT - Data




Action Taken

1BFUnlicensed user access

Fixed bug where an unlicensed user could add/edit/delete takeoff in a project if that project already included takeoff. 

2BFActivation dialog boxVarious fixes to improve Activation and Deactivation of PlanSwift.Fixed
3BFRemoved non-functioning buttonRemoved the "New from planroom..." button from the main file menu as this functionality was not implemented.Fixed
4FRNew Markup tools

Added new annotation tools for marking up your plans (arrows, boxes, and pen (line)).

5FRShow-Hide MarkupsAdded button on View tab/toolbar to toggle Markups (such as the new arrows, boxes, and pen).New
6TPNew CSI Assemblies

Added new CSI Assemblies for estimating to provide additional options while estimating.

7UIPlanSwift Tab

Add a new "PlanSwift" Tab to provide new users with a better on-boarding experience and provide up-to-date news/information from PlanSwift/ConstructConnect. 


Minor UI fixes. 

Minor UI improvements throughout PlanSwift including new branding, updated graphics, and several fixes to dialog boxes/actions. 

9DTBranding and EULAUpdated End User License Agreement and other branding to reflect "by ConstructConnect" and updated privacy and data-gathering policies.Updated
10DTAnalyticsIntroduced Feature Improvement Analytics to allow PlanSwift to better understand how users interact with the software so we can introduce/improve valuable features (no job information is tracked).New
11DTSupport Opt-OutAdded ability for use to opt-out of analytics to comply with GDPR and CACPA.New

Known Issues

  • None at release

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