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Release Notes v. Released: 04/30/2020

As a Maintenance Release to v., the PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce v which includes a number of fixes and additions listed below.

This is an optional update for Imperial/Pro users and only needs to be installed if you have run into one of the bugs that are fixed - many users never will.

This is the required upgrade for Metric users to upgrade them to 10.02.05. Metric users will be prompted to install this upgrade the next time their software activates. Metric Users can view the full 10.02.05 release notes here: Release Notes v. Released: 03/19/2020.

For more detailed information about each feature and change in version 10.02.05, see the Detailed Release Notes.


Pro Metric labels

Removed “2012” from Templates and Parts

Opt-in dialog box change

Swapped Yes/No action buttons in the Analytics dialog

Opt-in dialog box change

Changed "EU" to “European Union”

Additional API calls

Added two new calls to control how program opens when using API. 

See API Documentation: IPlanSwift


Custom Symbol icon

Fixed issue with custom symbol icon not referring to the source. 

Slab formula correction

Fixed slab formula in sample assemblies and CSI sample assemblies template.

Activation dialog

Fixed activation dialog content

Known Issues

  • PLAN-8559 - Color properties on custom templates is not persisting correctly.

Release Notes History

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