Manual Activation and Deactivation

Beginning May 1, 2022 PlanSwift versions 10.1 and older will no longer support automatic activations and will require manual activation and deactivation to enable use of the PlanSwift application on a workstation. For security reasons PlanSwift can no longer support customer # and pin # activations. In addition, as of October 1, 2022, PlanSwift 10.1 and previous versions will be sunset. See for more information.

Manual Activation requires all users to register an email address and create a password.

To register your email and password, click here.

Each individual user needs to register their own email and password. Registering your email and password will not assign that user to a specific license. Seats can still be shared among users until licenses on the account are all in use. An account can have more registered users than licenses purchased. Licenses can be shared among registered users and can be managed in the My Account user portal.

Upgrade Options

Auto activation and deactivation methods still work on versions 10.2 and newer.

To upgrade please contact us at 1-888-752-6794 ext 3 or

For customers not in North America, please contact your local reseller to upgrade your licenses.

Authorized International Reseller Contact information, click here.

Manual Activation for older versions will be retired at the end of September 2022, so it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your licenses to a newer version of PlanSwift.

Affected PlanSwift Versions









































Manual Activation Steps


Step 1. Click on Manual Activation inside the Activate Product window.





Step 2. Copy the computer ID and click on the URL
Step 3. Copy or enter your Computer ID then enter your registered email address and password. If you have not registered your email address you will need to do that before you can continue.
Step 4. Select your license then select your version.
Step 5. Get Activation Code and copy it
Step 6. Paste into this window and click Activate
Step 7. Successful manual activation will give you a 30 day reactivation window before you will need to manually activate again. If you need to switch work stations before 30 days, you will need to manually deactivate/remove to release the license

Manual Deactivation/Remove Steps

Step 1. Put your PC into Airplane mode or disconnect it from the internet so that PlanSwift cannot establish a connection to the PlanSwift Servers
Step 2. Click on Software License Options on the Help Tab and click on Remove License
Step 3. Click ok
Step 4. Click Yes
Step 5. Copy the code and be sure that you do not click Ok or close this window yet.
Step 6. Turn off airplane mode or reconnect your internet
Step 7. Open the URL and do not click Ok or close this window yet
Step 8. Paste in code and click Deactivate
Step. 9 You should see a success message when the code reaches the PlanSwift servers. This releases the license to be used on another work station.

Troubleshooting Errors

Make sure you enter the email and the password correctly
You have entered the wrong version. Be sure that the version you are choosing is the correct version for the PlanSwift license you are wanting to activate
You have a manual deactivation code that does not match or is not found. You will not be able to generate a new code. You will need to contact technical support to assist you. 1-888-752-6794 ext 2 or Manual Disclaimer: Manual Deactivation was not designed for frequent switching and sharing of licenses between machines. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your licenses if you need to regularly move licenses between work stations.
You generated a code for a version that does not match the version you are trying to activate. The code will be invalid until you generate a code with a matching version number. The license your account is entitled to may be greater than the version you are needing to activate. Example: License Professional 10.1 Version 9.5 (PlanSwift licensing is designed to activate on any older versions that are still supported) Try the manual activation process again, be sure you select the correct Version, and get a new code. You may also need to contact support for help.

Manual Activation FAQ

Why can’t I manually activate PlanSwift using my customer # and pin #?

Answer: It is not the most secure activation method. Beginning in May 2022, all activations will require users to have a registered email and password. PlanSwift versions 10.1 and older will only be able to activate and deactivate using the manual activation methods and that will only last until the end of September 2022. As of October 1, 2022, PlanSwift 10.1 and previous versions will be sunset and will no longer work or be supported.

Why is it important for each user to register their own email and password in order to manually activate PlanSwift?

Answer: It is the most secure method for license and user management. If a user in an organization quits, leaves, or is fired the company can disable or delete that user from the account. With a customer # and pin # that user would still be able to activate PlanSwift even after they had been terminated. The only remedy was to change the pin # for all users in the organization. In addition to keeping the licenses owned by the company more secure, company admins can see which users are activating PlanSwift on which work stations and they can better monitor license usage user by user. Sometimes a user may be unintentionally activating on more work stations than they can use. In My Account, admins can monitor users, generate reports, help users reset passwords, and invite new users to access the company licenses. An organization can have more registered users than purchased licenses because PlanSwift allows licenses to be shared until they are all used. Licenses are not assigned to specific users so register as many users as you will need to access licenses and share the licenses as needed.

Why is manual deactivation necessary?

Answer: For releasing a license from a work station before the reactivation window expires. When manually activating, a license will be added to a work station for 30 days by default. After 30 days, that license can be activated again on that machine or activated on another machine. If the license needs to be used on different machines or shared between users more frequently than 30 days, manual deactivation is necessary for license management. We strongly recommend you upgrade to newer versions of PlanSwift if sharing licenses is something you do often.

After 30 days, if I don't activate again, can the license be used by someone else?

Answer: Yes. PlanSwift licenses use a term called seats. If an account has 5 licenses then there are 5 seats available to be activated at any time. After the 30 day activation period, the seat is made available to anyone in the organization to take.

What happens if I generate a successful code on the website, but I get an invalid code error in the application?

Answer:  Try the manual activation process again. It is possible that the wrong version was selected on the website, but still generated a successful code that just won’t work on the version that is installed. As long as you are using the same Computer ID and same email address, you can generate more codes until you get it right. You may also need to contact technical support for more help. Call 1-888-752-6794 ext 2 or email us at

Manual Activation is too difficult, is there an easier solution?

Answer: Yes. Upgrade to PlanSwift 10.2 or newer. If you need help with renewing your maintenance or upgrading to the latest version please contact us. Call 1-888-752-6794 ext 3 or email us at