Takeoff Group Options

Takeoff Group Options

This module describes the Takeoff Group options available from Excel. They are the Area, LinearSegment, and Count icons on the PlanSwift Ribbon-bar Tab shown in Figure 1, and they can also be invoked from the Right-click Menu of Excel (Figure 2). These Takeoff Group options are the same as the Takeoff Group options available in PlanSwift (Figure 3), only they are invoked from an Excel WorkBook spreadsheet. Note that these options in Excel are not available unless the WorkBook is connected to the PlanSwift job. To learn about how to connect and disconnect an Excel WorkBook from PlanSwift, see Connection Group Options. Follow the procedure below to use these Takeoff Group options.


           Figure 1

            Figure 2

            Figure 3

  1. Open PlanSwift.

  2. Select the A1.2 Floor Plan - Sample Plans.

  3. Open Excel.

  4. Connect to the WorkBook associated with this job (click here if you need help connecting).

  5. On the spreadsheet, enter Game Room Tile in cell A17 (Figure 4).

          Figure 4

  6. Click in cell D17 of the Excel spreadsheet.

  7. Right-Click in cell D17, hover over PlanSwift - Takeoff and click on Area to do an area takeoff. (Alternatively, you can also simply click on the Area takeoff on the PlanSwift Ribbon-bar Tab.)

         Figure 5

  8. Enter Game Room Tile for the New Area property Name, and click on Ok

          Figure 5

  9. Now do the area takeoff for the GAME ROOM in PlanSwift (Figure 6). With the takeoff done, the tile area will show as approximately 369 square feet in both PlanSwift and Excel.

          Figure 6

  10. The other Takeoff Group functions (Linear, Segment, and Count) work identically to the Area takeoff and may all be invoked from within Excel.