Release Notes 10.1

Release Notes

PlanSwift Release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

The PlanSwift Engineering team is pleased to announce the release of PlanSwift Professional, which is a bug-fix release. We have merged into for simplicity.


  • BF - Bug Fixes 
  • PI - Performance Improvements
  • FR - Feature Request
  • WF - Workflow Fixes

KEYTitleDescriptionAction TakenResolution
1BFWindows 10 Creator issue with launching PlanSwiftPlanSwift was taking an extremely long time to load or, in some cases, the PlanSwift splash screen would appear to be loading the program as usual, but would disappear after some time and nothing would happen to actually load PlanSwift.Code and Security UpdatesResolved (verified by QA)
2PIConverting Images to TIFF (Scanning)This issue is magnified by the RAM limitations with 32 bit programs being only allowed to run 2 gigs of RAMThe RAM patch that was implemented in this version should help to improve performance with this issueResolved (not verified by QA)
3BFAccess Violation when Subtracting Section in "Box Mode"Some users wanting to toggle the Box mode/PointToPoint mode for subtracting sections of Areas have encountered problems and access violations. Replication of access violation is only sometimes reproducible, not 100% reproducibleAdded an extra option to the right click menu. Now there is an option to Subtract from Section (P2P) and an option to Subtract from Section (Box)Resolved (verified by QA)
4BFSend Data clicking outside form creates Access ViolationA fatal exception would occur when clicking outside of the Send Data MenuFunction was completely re-written to correct the issue as well as give the UI the same look and fell as the rest of the menus.Resolved (verified by QA)
5BFCollapsing Template Panel causes page to zoom outCollapsing or expanding the side docking panels would cause PlanSwift to reset the zoom level to full extents.
Resolved (verified by QA)
6WFRemove "Wall Area Segment" from PlanSwift
Wall Area Types are still in the program and this does not appear to be resolved yet...

7PI32bit/64bit - 2gig/4gig RAM patchHelps maximize available memory for PlanSwift if the machine has enough RAM installed.Helps with importing plans and out of memory issues.Resolved (verified by QA)
8BFAddress book not showing data in versions dataset was incompatible with the new format.Updated the address book to automatically import the old Firebird database records to the new format. Also made UI improvements to enhance the functionality including searches.Resolved (verified by QA)

Copied items from Templates to Takeoff Summary disables digitizer

Copied items from Templates to Takeoff Summary disables digitizer not allowing the user to begin recording.Recording being disabled was in fact not a bug. The ability to drag and drop from templates to Takeoff Summary was never supposed to be there in the first place. This has now been disallowed. Should a user wish to copy multiple templates into a project it should be done on the Takeoff Tab. Copying from the Templates sidebar into the Takeoff tab is the way to add them to the job in a fully functional way.