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Storing Your Jobs on a Network Drive (Setting up a Network Data Storage Location)

The process of setting up a network storage for PlanSwift is pretty simple. This guide will only help you once you have set up a network, server, or cloud-storage based system (for example: OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. - as a reminder, we do not provide technical support for any 3rd party applications/solutions).

We do not recommend/support using a cloud-based storage for storing working copies of your jobs. This is doable but the storage location needs to be fully-synced and available offline (on your computer) in order for it to work in PlanSwift. Opening a job that has not fully synced yet can result in data loss.

If you create a data storage in a network location, you must ensure that no other PlanSwift user on the same network opens a job when you are working on it. PlanSwift does not support multiple users in the same job.

Also, other users with access to your network location could accidentally or intentionally move, delete, or otherwise alter your data which could corrupt your job.

Create Network Data Storage Location Folder

1. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the location where you want to create the new Data Storage Location. 

2. Right-click and select New the context menu opens...

3. Click on Folder to create a new folder.

 4. Name the folder something you will remember and that is easy to find (for example, PlanSwift Jobs, Network Jobs, Network, or, like our example "TEST").


5. Leave the folder completely empty, and open PlanSwift.

See Configure PlanSwift to Connect to a Network Data Storage Location to add this new Storage Location to PlanSwift.

To move your jobs from one Storage to another, see:  Moving Your PlanSwift Data Files from One Computer to Another.

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