Legacy Pipe Edit Mapping

When importing a BIM file into QuoteSoft Pipe, you may want to edit the mapping of items before they are imported, to make sure that QuoteSoft Pipe knows which items in the Database correspond to those in the BIM file. This page details how you can use the Edit Mapping tool in the BIM import process.

Note: This process is the same no matter which type of BIM file you are importing.

  1. Click the Edit Mapping button on the initial import window.

2. The BIM Manager window will appear.

3. The Item Map Grid lists all the items in the selected import file.

  • Notice the Color Legend located at the top right of the screen. This legend will help you determine which items were mapped and which items still need mapping.

4. Next to the items listed in red, choose how you would like to map the import item to a QXP item. Import As: determines what groups, classes, sub classes, etc. will be filled out.The five options are:

  • Spec - Allows you to map the item according to the spec being used. (IE: Spec, Pipe - This maps the item to pipe type included in your spec.)
  • Database - *Allows you to map the item to a SPECIFIC Item in the QXP Database while ignoring what is in the specified spec.
  • Job Item - Allows you to map the listed item as a Job Item in the QXP Database.
  • Assembly - Allows you to map the item to an Assembly in the QXP Database.
  • Ignore - Ignores the item completely. The program will skip importing this item.

5. Click Save

  • Please note that if you import as a Database item, the item does not calculate the same as it would if it was imported as a Spec item. For instance, importing a 20' piece of pipe as:
    • a Spec Item will calculate any peripheral accessories such as hangers or couplings along with the pipe.
    • a Database Item will only calculate the pipe and accessories must be added to the job as separate items after the import.

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