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These Release Notes include those from the original release of PlanSwift 11 (build 89), that was pulled from active distribution to address some upgrade issues reported after roll-out.


  • The EarthWorks Pro v.3 cannot be installed within PlanSwift 11. We anticipate releasing an updated installer for this Plugin very shortly, please wait to upgrade to PlanSwift 11 until this Known Issue is struck-through, indicating it is fixed.
  • PS-Connect (the utility used to download plans and specs from the ConstructConnect Bid Center and Doc Viewer sites) does not work with PlanSwift 11. We anticipate releasing an update to PS-Connect soon, please wait to upgrade to PlanSwift 11 until this Known Issues is struck-through, indicating it is fixed.
  • Deleted Pages Recycle Bin Folder is not clearing itself periodically. Deleted Pages are stored in a folder called Recycle Bin that should clear periodically to free up space on the user's hard drive.
    • Workaround: Users can clear/empty the Recycle Bin manually. (Will be fixed in a future release.)
  • PlanSwift (all versions) hangs on startup if analytics is enabled and there is no internet connection (to resolve, connect your computer to the internet before launching PlanSwift).
    • To disable Analytics, if you regularly do not have an internet connection, click on the Settings Tab and click Analytics, then click "No".

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  • PLAN-8559 - Color properties on custom templates is not persisting correctly.
  • Some users upgrading from PS10.x have noticed that when they are viewing a page, the Pan seems to work inconsistently, or seemingly on its own. There's an easy workaround, follow the steps in this article to adjust your font size, and reboot your computer: How To: Change the Font Size in PlanSwift. If you have continuing issues with panning, contact Support.
  • ART3-3687 - The user is unable to undock an internal component that was undocked and closed before, workaround: reset layout.
  • Some users are experience an issue where the page zooms in randomly. See this FAQ for more information on troubleshooting: Page Randomly Zooms InPages Randomly Change Zoom Level
  • See the Known Issues Log for more information.