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The Settings and


Privacy page contains both your notifications settings and the options for how your saved contact listings are updated.   

  • The Notification menu lets you select how you receive notifications for bidding notices, shared projects, notes reminders and Watch List project changes. You can turn on and off notifications independently of one another.

  • The Directory Synchronization

  •  menu lets you select the update parameters for your business contacts. You can select automatic updates, updates only upon approval, no updates and your own customized update selections. 

This section contains the following topics: 

Table of Contents


Activating notifications

Notifications are activated in


the Settings & Privacy menu. By default, all notifications are set to Off.  

To access the menu, 

  • click the Notifications tab at the top of the window: 

Image RemovedImage Added

To activate a notification,

  • check the option in the section for each notification. Your selection is automatically saved. 

You can set your alerts to  appear in the following locations:    

Note: By default, notifications are sent to your email address.

Notification types and settings

The default setting for each notification is to send an email immediately once the event occurs. You can also select to have the notification displayed in


the Notification Center

 on your 

 on your Dashboard.  

The following table describes the notification types and corresponding alert settings. Note


 that notifications with more than one alert option can be set independently of one another. 



Daily Project Update 

  • When a new invitation to bid arrives.
  • When a follow-up notice on an invitation to bid arrives.

    Daily email with new projects based on your Predict Preferences

    Will Bid & Under Review Invitation Projects

    • Addenda updates for the project 

    • Non-addenda project updates 

    Shared Projects

    When a project is shared

    Projects on my Watch List

    For Watch List projects, set the alert for when the following occurs for one or more projects:

    • addenda updates are added 

    • Plans and Specs are added  

    • the bid date is changed 

    • a Planholder's list added 

    • other project information changes

    • a project is awarded or bid results are released

    Companies on my Watch List

    When a company is added to a project.  


    • When notes are added to a watched project. 

    • When notes are added to a watched company. 


    • Alerts are received on projects with reminders.

    • Alerts are received on companies with reminders.

    Using the Directory Synchronization menu


    The Directory Synchronization menu lets you control the updates to the contacts in


    your ConstructConnect network directory. You can select when the information is updated, which content is updated and see which fields are recommended for regular updates. 

    Note: The options you select in this menu apply to all accounts in your company.

    Tip: To access the menu, 

    • click the Directory Synchronization tab at the top of the window:  

      Image Modified

    Selecting update options


    The Directory Synchronization


     menu displays the categories and the options you have for updating the information for your network directory contacts: automatic, by selection and no updates. The recommended fields to update are highlighted yellow.  

    The following table describes the options you have for setting the update feature for your directory contacts.  



    Image Removed
    Image Added

    The information for all of your contacts is automatically updated each time there is a change to a profile. 

    Image Removed
    Image Added

    You are asked to approve or reject all contact updates to the contact listings in your account. This lets you more closely manage information.  

    Image Removed
    Image Added

    Select to turn off automatic updates to all contact listings. 

    Caution: This setting can result in out-of-date contact listing information.                                             

    Image Removed
    Image Added

    The selections highlighted yellow are those that are recommend as the best options to use to ensure that the key elements of your contact listings remain up to date. 

    Network contact field descriptions

     The following table describes the fields in the Directory Synchronization





    Contact Name

    The name, title and primary function of the contact for the company. 


    Primary Function


    The phone, mobile phone, fax and email address for the contact. 

    Mobile Phone


    Email Address

    Service Area

    The geographic area in which the company is engaged in business.  


    The trades for the company. 

    Company Name

    The name and address for the company. 


    Affiliations & Certifications

    The labor and minority affiliations for the company.