Getting Started with ConstructConnect

This section contains the following topics to help you get started using ConstructConnect.

Using the Online Help

The Online Help uses the standard design of a center reading pane, a table of contents on the left side and a search bar at the top of each window.   

The Page Tree table of contents menu lists all of the topics in the Help. 

  • Clicking on a link opens the topic in the reading pane. 

The Search Bar at the top of every page lets you locate terms anywhere they appear in the help text.  

  • Just type your terms and press Enter

Tip: You can use the additional search options menu on the left side of the page to help narrow your search.   

Using the sidebar menu  

The sidebar menu on the left side of any page gives you access to key product features, as described in the following table.      

Using the taskbar menu  

The taskbar is at the top right of any page and gives you access to your your account settings, recently viewed listings, notifications and your options for contacting customer support: 

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